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, all of the districts are soma mixed use districts. most of this will become eastern neighbor had mixed use districts. it did not go to the same planning process, but it is part of the neighborhoods. the new districts are kind of blend of the old soma districts and the new eastern neighborhood districts. they do not fit well enough to go to the straight districts. there's already mixed use general right now. but there will also be a western soma mixed use general. it is not the same. we provided a comparison table, which i believe is comprehensive and readable, to show you of the new districts compared with the eastern neighborhood districts and how they lined up. most of the new districts are going to be eastern neighbor had mixed views districts. the western soma muo. there will be a big-time emphasis on cards. that is very much like a pdr district. a couple districts that will be a better neighborhood commercial districts. those would be the olson street ntc. folsom street is envisioned as the main street, so that will be an nct district. and then there will be the rcd, regiona
for the appeal of the neg de3c. you up to 10 minutes for the appeal of the cu. you can use all of that time or as much as you would like. >> president chiu and supervisors, thank you. i represent the cow hollow association. i will present the talking points regarding the final mitigated-declaration appeal. then i will continue on to the cu and, with president chiu's permission, ceded the rest of my time to a member of the cow hollow association. the overarching point before us today is about transparency and consistency and processed. the cha is entitled to a full and complete objective analysis under ceqa, rather than go through all of the points that the association has put forward or referred to you in the written materials and discussed what i think are the most important. first, the city violated ceqa by failing to perform required analysis before approving the project. before approving a project subject to ceqa, the city must consider a final eir or neg dec. the california supreme court has emphasized that ceqa requires environmental review to refer to products first rath
>> i should not be on stage. when you should be seeing -- i am used to the stage but not. that is who should be on stage. i am an animator. i am with picks are animation studios. in some ways, i felt comfortable being on stayed behind my computer. it is weird for me to be on the microphone. i have a lot of work to do but i am here to explain that, i'll come to that later. i wanted knowledge some of our special guests this morning. first off, i have some flashcards. how wanted acknowledged and the asian art museum director jay tsu. when i think of jay hsu, i think, aka dr. j. he is master of the universe. also, i never thought had -- would have the opportunity to introduce the mayor of san francisco, mayor ed lee. i just a to introduce the mayor. that is awesome. we also have a bunch of other special guests today. i would also like to introduce david chiu, president of the board of supervisors. thank you for coming. the mayor does not come along. he has a policy. supervisor carmen chu is also with us. we are also lucky enough to have supervisor mark farrell as well. maybe
to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight: we get the latest on the clandestine operation and the administration's push to punish iran with new sanctions. >> brown: then, we examine the economic and social fall-out from alabama's tough new immigration law. >> woodruff: margaret warner reports on the visit of south korea's president lee as he and president obama celebrate a new trade deal and consider how to rein in north korea's nuclear ambitions. >> with north korea you never have a good option. the worse options is to leave them alone and to let their nuclear missile program go completely unabated for four years of obama. >> brown: ray suarez explores fascinating new research on the genetic makeup of the bubonic plague that killed millions of europeans in the middle ages. >> woodruff: and tom clarke of i.t.n. reports from the remote highlands of colombia, where half the population will inherit early onset alzheimers disease. >> these families' plight has come to attention of the ou
, community member, artist, and worker for many of us in the city. and also a dear friend of mine. upon hearing on his sighting at -- upon hearing of a sudden passing last wednesday, there was a community outpouring of support, love, and sadness for our loss. e was not only someone who was a friend, but an angel in our community. someone who game -- sony gave countless hours to our youth and families, acting as a tutor who, working at united players for many years, and also at west egg and being one of the goodest people i have ever met. i am truly saddened for his loss. i am sorry, i was going to try to keep it together. i know that many of our members and young people miss him as well. i have a lot more to say about him, but i do not think i can finish. we have a certificate to honor -- we have an immemorial -- an in memoriam that is co-sponsored by others. the amount of care that he had for citizens was unbelievable. i have known him since his work supporting artists and his love of music. as a school board member, he would call me all the time to check up on students to see if i cou
it says it foiled a tehran-backed murder plot. the u.s. accuses iran of killing the u.s. ambassador. the alleged plot sun characteristic of iran's current government, some say. >>> the nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a u.s. passenger play on christmas day 2009 has pleaded guilty to all charges against him. the so-called underwear bomber said he was guilty under u.s. law but not according to the koran. >>> executives and engineers of rimm are in damage-control mode as problems with the mobile service spread into north america. research in motion's chief information officer issued a written apology to customers. we'll have more details on the story during "world business today" just minutes away. those are the top stories from cnn, the world's news leader. i'm monita rajpal. >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm nina dos santos. >> and a very good afternoon from cnn hong kong. i'm andrew stevens. you're watching "world business today" and the top stories this thursday, october 14th. after five years of political wrangling, u.s. congress passes a free trade deal with south ko
evening and thanks for joining us. google shares take flight after hours, jumping over $30 a share, susie, after the web giant crushed analyst estimates with its latest earnings. >> susie: tom, profits surged 26% and revenues posted anve bigger in. here's how the numbers stacked up. google earned $2.7 billion, or $9.72 a share, almost a dollar ahead of analyst's estimates. revenues were also better than expected, up 33% to $7.5 billion. >> tom: joining us with more-- scott kessler. he follows google as senior director of technology research at s&p capital iq. with us tonight in new york. scott, how do you describe these quarterly results from google, blew estimates out of the water. >> yeah, tom, i would say having covered the stock for more than seven years, probably between good and great. google over the years has really delivered time and time again. this quarter was no exception. what was surprising to us was the combination of accelerating revenue growth for the fourth straight quarter as well as continuing improvement in margins reflecting well controlled costs and expenses. that's
." hello and thank you for joining us. the police in the united states say people have been killed and one other critically wounded in a shooting at a hair salon in the southeast of los angeles. a man was arrested at a roadblock at about 800 meters from the scene. police say a number of weapons have now been seized. he opened fire at a small shopping center at seal beach, a seaside town in orange county in southern california. we can get the very latest from our correspondent, peter, in los angeles. >> do we know anything more about the person who has -- is believed to have carried out the shooting? gretzky was arrested shortly after the shooting -- >> he was arrested shortly after the shooting, just a few hundred meters away. we do not know the name of the man. it was a white male. but we are hearing reports from eyewitnesses that this may have been a man who was in dispute with his ex-wife, who was at the salon, and they may have been involved in some sort of custody battle. police have a knowledge that their inquiries are focusing on a likely relationship between the alleged gun man and
sees nothing but restaurants. this particular building has residential uses and i think an apolistry shop. they would require a 5-year certification and they also need their annual maintenance. their fire escapes use this accordion ladder. is that what you call it? occasionally, we see problems where it comes down and there's something obstructing it on the ground. sometimes you even see awnings. >> when they come in, that's something we always check if they have a fire escape. now adays they use velcro. >> one thing we have here, lawrence mentioned, you need a door. if you notice here, each residential unit. these are probably each side is a different residential unit that's going out and it's a case where that code evidently allowed you to use a window. >> there's an exception and it's on page 5. opening for the fire escape. it can be a window and it's 29 by 59 and so on. there's an exception for residential building. and probably, i wouldn't be surprised this serves separate units. they both access the same fire escape out let, you can see the goose net. it's an exciting climb and
investigators on the case are telling us they issued an amber alert look for william mcquain. last night detectives went to brier cliff terrace apartment in germantown as part of a missing person report. when they entered the apartment they found jane mcqain dead in her bedroom. they are treating this as a homicide and they say she suffered trauma to her body. there was no sign of the victim's son who as not been seen since september 30th. william is is described as a light skinned black male about 5 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds. now a vehicle registered to jane mcquain is missing and william could be with it. authorities are look for a black 2011 honda crv have tag 5ag9405. and overnight, you can see here there's been postings all night with information about that amber alert. when i was driving in, i could see the alert posted. but you can log onto abc2news.com for the latest and most updated information. that is in the slide show. and if you have any information about william, call montgomery county major crimes division at 240-773-5070. reporting hive in the interactive news center
their currency and korea is one of only three nations on earth identified as a currency manipulators by our own u.s. terror treasury. does this adeprement preclude currency manipulation? it does not. they remake their val added taxes to all their exports. build a car in korea, don't pay taxes in korea. build a car in the u.s., we cant rebate the taxes under thescurrent laws and when the u.s. car gets to the border of korea, they pay a 10% tax. we'll export autos to korea if they're 20% cheaper than those produced by cheaper labor in koa, not very likely. but let's sa we could. if you buy a u.s. car and you're a korean citizen, they'll audit your taxes. most employers do not allow owners offord automobiles, which are mostly luxury automobiles over there, there are very few foreign automobiles, to have parking spaces at work. and korea does not buy very many cars. they have a 65% mix, 65% of the cars they produce are exported. this is not about u.s. exports to korea. it's a platform for them to send us stuff here. that's cheaper and displace american jobs. even the u.s. international trade council, t
president olague: and the reason it is before us is the siz size,4,600 feet and it is an excessive amount of space for that use. along fillmore and along california and i think that maybe they had taken up one of the retail spaces and probably wouldn't be seeing that, is that right? and in that area, period, and in that fillmore. and trying to get my neighborhood there. and given the use of the retail nature of the area. and mr. wormer mentioned things like the active ground floor uses and to activate that space and mentioned the historic renovation and the park led across going the street before being maintained by the merchant group. down on fillmore, but there is another place around there. the dumpling place. it is independently owned. i am just trying to figure out the impact that it could have cumulatively on the diversity of uses. that is what i think concern some of us, and why we always ask these questions. i am still torn on this. that was a dry cleaners. that is no longer there, unfortunately. i suspect that means there is no dry cleaner nearby. that is not irresponsibil
been before us over and over again in this body whether to televise the ethics commission. a lot of us have said it should be. i think we should make that statement clear. it always comes down to a question of whether we have money. i think we should make that determination. but i like the language without the amendment. president chiu: with that, i think supervisor avalos would like to rescind that last boat. seconded by supervisor elsbernd. on the motion to amend, is there further discussion? if i could speak for a moment, i absolutely support our colleagues that want to make sure these meetings are televised, and i understand we are going to find the budget to do that. i think it is appropriate, what supervisor elsbernd has stated, but i am also supporting supervisor campos's legislation. supervisor campos: i understand what supervisor avalos is saying, but i do not think it prevents us from moving forward to ensure these are televised. i think the ordinance i am introducing will get us to that. but i certainly appreciate the perspective. supervisor avalos: i just think it makes a m
auspices bbc world news america. billionaire behind bars. the u.s. -- what this sentence for insider trading. workers snatched from the largest refugee camp. and the chilean miners celebrate one year after their rescue. their fate has not always been so mary. -- so merry. welcome to our viewers on pbs and around the globe. today raj rajaratnam was sentenced for his role in one of the biggest insider-trading cases in history. they had pushed for 25 years. the judge issued a warning to anyone tempted to follow the same path. we were in the courtroom and sent this report. >> it is hard to believe that raj rajaratnam was once little- known outside the world of wall street hedge funds before he came a poster boy for crimes that judge described as a virus in our business culture that needs to be eradicated. the drama played out inside this manhattan courthouse in room 17 b. he has only a few weeks before he must report to prison on november 28. down the road on wall street, they have been watching closely. raj rajaratnam was accused of making $50 million running an insider-trad
after the accident, crews use locomotives to place the trains on the tracks. as you can see, there are people getting on and off the train here. the train service is back up and running. we'll stay on p to of a -- on top of this and bring you the latest. we're still working to get that surveillance video. go to ktvu.com he. we might break -- ktvu.com. we might break it there and definitely during our shows today. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in less than an hour, mayor jean quan will hold a news conference to announce who will take over the top cop job, at least temporarily. anthony batts is expected to step down want few weeks. kraig debro -- it looks like you are at city hall. there's one name that keeps coming up for this interim position. >> reporter: that's right. everyone i've talked to said it's gonna be him. the announcement will be here in about an hour ago, as you mentioned, claudine. everybody i've spoken to says it's gonna be howard jordan. jordan is already on the command staff with the police department. he's already been deputy chief before. he was
ultimately will require of us. but we will keep some form of redevelopment to make sure that we are able and capable of using tax increment dollars for the future. we have done it right, and you see all of the development right here in mission bay as a result of using tax increment properly. i mentioned earlier that we have been paying very close attention and will continue to make sure central market is redeveloped, and we are revitalizing that. you have seen all the activities that we have. that is the result again of having a payroll tax exclusion, an economic strategy, working in partnership with a number of different financial institutions as well as different city departments, creating tax increment financing, making sure there is a multi-agency approach to a better market street initiative. that was recently awarded by caltrans to make sure we continue that effort of forming through the leadership a 15- member advisory committee to keep improving market street and consider those ideas to making sure transportation is moving smoothly as well as all of the other things that make gre
. congresswoman, thank you for the time for being with us. >> erin, it's wonderful to be with you. thank you. >> let me start with vice president biden this morning on abc. he was talking about the terror plot, he said it was an outrageous act and the iranians will have to be held accountable. that's the quote. if you were president, would military action be on the table? >> if i was president, i wouldn't have taken my eye off the number one issue in the middle east, which is iran obtaining nuclear weapons. the problem with the obama administration is they have put significant daylight between israel and the united states from day one of the obama presidency. the president unfortunately sent signals of weakness and focused on israel building apartments on their own land as opposed to iran obtaining a nuclear weapon. that's been the problem. when you have a nation that's a hostile nation, seeing the united states from a point of weakness, that can lead to actions that are absolutely heinous like we're seeing today. >> does it seem like there's a lot of confusion or uncertainty how high this g
or send us a tweet. thursday morning. it is a foggy day in the nation's capital. we will try to break through all of that with the discussion of the passage of the free-trade agreement. with so much discussion about the economy, we would like to hear what you think about this and whether this is a plus for the economy. whether it will be a job creator or something that will affect jobs in the united states in a negative way. all lines are open and you can send an e-mail or tweet or comments on facebook. a story from "the new york times" about this. someone who has been following these trade negotiations for quite awhile, writes for bloomberg and business week -- "bloombergbusinessweek" has a story about the passage. what do you think about the "the new york times" analysis? guest: this is actually the biggest in terms of a trade partner, the biggest trade partner we have a free-trade agreement with. since a naphtha -- since nafta and 1994 -- talking about south korea. it is a larger deal compared to the ones that were signed in the past decade or so. and by the white house estimated i
by gun shots. it underscores the need for us to stand tall for rational and a measured a gun safety laws when we are challenged by the nra and other gun right advocate groups. it doesn't take away any buddies the second amendment right, we just want our communities safe. president chiu: can we take this item same house and call? this ordinance is finally passed. >> amending the code to create a parks fund for the emergency relief fund and change the administering agency for the homeless find. president chiu: same house, same call. item 9. >> amending the environment code to update the green building design, construction, and operation of city buildings. president chiu: same house, same call. >> the land use and economic development committee, amending the planning code to create the lombard and scott street housing special use district 3151 through 3155. president chiu: this item needs to be continued to later in the meeting, so we will do that unless somebody has objection. >> from the rules committee without recommendation, amending the campaign government conduct code. the amount of p
, using propofol as a sleeping aid. using the dangerous anesthetic at home with no backup or emergency personnel. no backup medical equipment. having no medical records. and most critically, not calling 911 immediately, which could have saved jackson's life. >> he was definitely savable at that point. >> so, in essence, had dr. murray called 911 at 12:00, michael jackson would still here today? >> yes, sir. >> and there's just no doubt in your mind about that? >> no doubt. >> reporter: prosecutors say they're down to their last two witnesses and could actually wrap up their case as early as tomorrow, without calling, as we first reported, any of the jackson children. david? >> jim avila, our thanks to you again tonight. >>> we turn now to another courtroom bombshell today. you'll remember the man who tried to blow up that plane on christmas day 2009, wearing a bomb in his underwear. today, in federal court, the bomber suddenly pleaded guilty to all charges, telling the courtroom he did, in fact, try to blow up that northwest flight over detroit, hoping to kill almost 300 people. he the
: there is consequences for plotting to kill the saudi ambassador on u.s. soil. and they warn about cutting too much from the military budget. herman cain takes the lead. analysis of the candidate and his 9-9-9 plan. live from the studio in washington. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama says iran will pay a price for involve in the plot to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. on u.s. soil. the president did not rule out a response that goes beyond the economic sanctions. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the story. >> president obama accused iran of a pattern of dangerous and reckless behaifior that led the door open for military action. >> there will be consequences to action. wow don't take options off the table for how we operate with iran. but you can expect us to continue to apply the pressure that will have a direct impact on the iranian government. >> reporter: at a joint news conference with south korean president lee, mr. obama compared iran to north carolina as international outlaw -- north korea as international outlaw in wake of trying to kill
>> our issue is not affordable housing but any use that it serves. this is not chp or with larkin street. this is about the choice of this particular building in a myriad of zoning exceptions. the city could have avoided this process. i have a thought and with the outline and outreach plan. out reach in this case can mean identifying decision makers that will support and pass required legislation that includes the planning department, the mayor, his staff. after they reach out to the supporters among the community leaders, neighborhood associations and can influence the back of the project. only after the project is virtually insured legislative passage, political cover did they contact the neighbors. they have traded an uncooperative atmosphere with the stress of the people in the area. the project sponsor has purchasing deadlines for the building and they needed the zoning from the city. there is $4.4 million to spy out reach. no decision makers lived near the property. >> let me ask anyone watching this if you wish to speak in support of the appellants, please come up to the he
side. by now you know he is in america. he is taking some advanced helicopter training with the u.s. military. he was off duty. he was kicking back with his buddies at this hotel. it was this roof top bar in san diego. he came to the aid of a damsel in distress. a young woman at this roof top bar was tossed fully clothed into the pool. when she got out, she said harry wrapped her with his towel to keep her warm. she met up with them the next night for drinks. >>> now hour two. watch this. >>> welcome back. the president getting grilled on the economy. jury deliberations in a gruesome murder trial in a computer virus infects u.s. drones. we want to begin live at the white house with a story just in to cnn. jessica, what do you know? >> reporter: a senior administration official tells cnn that a senior member of the network has been killed. it happened overnight earlier today in north waziristan, pakistan. and a man by the name of, we're told played a central role in helping the hackani network attack u.s. targets in kabul and south eastern afghanistan. that he was killed in a part of
second, allow us to transfer for the passenger, like las vegas. they charge about $2 as a surcharge when someone uses a credit card, or allow us to say no. the third option is to set a minimum price from $30, $40 minimum. this is unfair to pass this. thank you. >> hi, john haughn, san francisco yellow cab driver. what i have here is something you will get from yellow cab. management was nice enough to give me a copy of it. just a point of clarity on some of the information that is it here is that on page 2 that under the new regulations companies that wish to charge drivers must also have rear seat processing units. the third-party processor is also paying for those units and continued maintenance. it is time wording, but what we understand -- fine wording, but a portion of the piper's son is being taken out to pay for the rear pay terminals. a lot of that is not going to the processing fee, it is going to pay for the back seat terminals, and then they carry advertisements and that is split between companies and vendors. i just want you to take note of the wording. also, apparently,
ceqa for us, when is a project approved? >> thank you, supervisor farrell. i would prefer to speak to the particulars of this case, which are that the loan was approved in july of 2010 did not commit the city to a definitive course of action. the particulars of the loan for this project required that even in the event of a default, the city would be able to recover its money. the loan itself does not commit the city two particular points of action and supporting the project. supervisor farrell: i understand your point and i read that point. is in the converse true then? it goes both ways, is what i am saying. one person -- you could view it and understand it and say, there are certain outlooks for the city, if it is not approved, there would be certain things. on the flip side, could someone say the same? that the city is committed if the planning department approves it and the board of supervisors approves it, and so forth. >> in my previous experience, a project approval would consist of building permits, application use signed, and it is common knowledge among planning departmen
's empire. >>> plus, a u.s. senator accused of plagerism. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> a visit by the south korean president overshadowed by the unfolding international drama surround i surrounding an alleged iranian terror plot. for the first time, president obama spoke at length about what the united states maintains was a plan to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states here in washington, d.c. let's go straight to jessica yellin. jessica, the president was asked about the links to the iranian government. what did he say today? >> he declined to say the highest levels of the iranian government had knowledge of it. he would not say that the nation's supreme leader or president was aware of it. >> i don't think the problem here jessica is that i have not been unwilling to negotiate with republicans. i've shown repeatedly my willingness to work overtime. to try to get them to do something. he had direct links. was paid by and directed by individuals in the iranian government. now, those facts are there for all to see. and we would not be bringing forw
show: 5pm producer: >> pelley: tonight, the u.s. takes aim at iran over the alleged assassination plot. >> iran must be held accountable for its actions. >> pelley: norah o'donnell on what actions the u.s. might take. attention, holiday air travelers-- expect fewer seats and higher prices. ben tracy on operation hackerazzi, the f.b.i. arrests a man accused of hacking into the personnel e-mail accounts of hollywood celebrities. and dewey bozella wouldn't let a terrible injustice defeat him. now he's fighting for his dream. >> don't let nobody tell you what you can do, and that's what i'm doing. i'm letting my dream come to reality. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. president obama slapped new sanctions on iran today, and the white house said there could be more to come. all of that in response to that alleged plot to assassination saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. the administration is consulting with allies all around the world. u.s. officials insist that the iranian government was behind the plot.
conscientiously to develop, and we have done beta tests and the south of market with projects coming before us so we can actually see with the accessibility would be and helping to design projects that meet the desires and intent of the task force. following that, i will have korea returned to the podium, because he has been instrumental in helping to draft the code which would actually be the amendments that would implement much of the western seloma committee plan. the not like to bring in the chair of the task force to talk about the community stabilization policy and make some closing comments. again, the next time that you will probably see a presentation on this subject will be during the adoption hearings, and other first thing that you would see would be the eir and hearings on the certification of an er the -- eir that we're getting much closer to having a draft ready for public review and comment. with that introduction, i would like to come up before i leave the podium and come back if you have any questions, i would like to think the vast array of consultants, everybody from asian nei
america" reporting from washington. a 11 years in prison. the longest sentence in u.s. history for insider trading. kidnapped at gunpoint. aids workers are snatched from the world's largest refugee camp. and chilean miners celebrate one year after their rescue. their fate has not always been so merry. welcome to our viewers around the globe. once a high-flying financier, today he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for his role in one of the biggest insider- trading cases in american history. prosecutors wished for 25 years. the judge issued a clear warning for anyone tempted to follow the same path. our reporter was inside the courtroom in new york and send this report. >> he was once little known outside the world of wall street hedge funds. that was before he committed a crime the judge described as a virus in the business culture that needs to be eradicated. the drama that played out in front of this manhattan courthouse had him saying little as he waited to learn his fate. he has only a few weeks before he must report to prison on november 28. down the road on wall street, they have b
>> jon: that's our show. join us tomorrow night at 11:00. here it is your moment o zen. >> tonight on huckabee, man finds god, becomes a savior captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org >> stephen: tonight new developments in my colbert superpac. i can't wait to find out if i'm legally obligated it to tell you about them. (laughter) and my guest lieutenant colonel jason amerine has done two tours of duty in afghanistan in the last ten years. halfway through the interview i will turn my interest toward iraq. a scientific panel has recommended against prostate testing. but my prostate was up all night cramming. this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you very much. stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much. thank you, please, welcome to the report. thank you for joining us. folks, i've got t
restored. but as john blackstone tells us, the crash of 2011 might be a wakeup call. >> reporter: the hardware failure and the two-day backlog in e-mails that disabled blackberry service from the middle east to north america was a warning to a world that's become ever more dependent on always being connected. this man works on wall street. >> you realize how much you do rely on these mechanisms and just kind of pulling my hair out. >> reporter: 35% of american adults use smart phones like the blackberry or iphone. two-thirds even say they've slept with them. but while the old-fashioned land line phone system was built to virtually always work, hand-held devices have never been that dependable says tech analyst charles govin. >> we all live with sporadic outages. i won't say on a daily basis but it's not infrequent. >> reporter: that's a reason govin has cell phones from three different carriers to make sure he's never entirely disconnected. >> today we still use the phrase "to go online" but the truth is we don't go online, we are online. we live our lives online. the net has bec
on the parkway. use extra caution sharia there may be some lanes closed. some of fog warnings as you travel costs -- across the bay bridge. reduced speeds and visibility. 39 m.p.h. is what we're seeing already. that is the interloop traffic. we're not dealing with any delays on the major roadways leading up to the beltway. about an 11 minute ride. to get to from the beltway down toward 32. here is a view of traffic. it is not an ideal start as you make your way on the north side of providence. no delays but the roads are a little slick. we want to remind you fog warnings are in effect. >> our big story this morning, there will be heavy hearts a high school after a student was killed. >> she crashed her car during the rush hour on wednesday on a mountain road in pasadena. residents say that stretch of road is dangerous. kala austin is described as a happy young lady who was good in school and had many friends. she was likely on her way to school driving east on mountain road where police say she lost control and slammed into an abandoned home on the opposite side of the street. she died of her inj
in washington using terrorists from mexico. we talked with f.b.i. official john miller and author roya hakakian. >> there were the rivalries between iran and saudi arabia have only become more and more pronounced since the arab spring and since the growing of the tensions between iran and saudi arabia. >> charlie: we colude this evening with a conversation about chinese aunt pureship wang boming president of the stock exchange and executive council and the two partners. >> we solve our problems with the history of china and converse form relations from -- electricity and car. now the two countries work together in a way to get the maximum geration of products to solve the problem we are facing. i think we have this opportunity and also obligation. >> charlie: wall street protests, accusations against iranian officials and chinese entrepreneurship when we continue. >> every story needs a hero we can all root for, who beats the odds and comes out on top. that this isn't just a hollywood story line,t's happening every day all across america. every time a storefront opens or the mnight oil is bur
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